SBuilder from Luis Sá (PTSim) is one of the greatest tools I have discovered during endless hours of seeking how to create my favourite VFR places as FS9 Scenery. After trying virtually every tool which has been around for free, as a result I can confidently say: SBuilder brought me the best results within the shortest time!

That's also the reason why I want to encourage you on using SBuilder for your (free) Scenery development!  Of course it has it's limitations and some things are even a bit tricky. So tutorials make a lot of sense for people starting with FS9 scenery development.

It's a bit sad that the FS9 version hasn't been further developed for years now – while the FSX version "SBuilderX " has become much more user friendly and powerful since 2007. Unfortunately you can't use it for FS9 scenery.

Find my experiences, together with step-by-step examples, in the following tutorials and have a lot of fun with SBuilder. Enjoy