For this short tutorial I’ll guide you to the famous Rock of Gibraltar. Its location is approx. 35° 08’ N / 05° 21’ W. More information about the British-governed, southern peak of the Spanish peninsula, including pictures, you shall find on the official Governments Site

Let's have a quick look at the rock in Google Earth:

Rock of Gibraltar: Google Earth View

Rock of Gibraltar: Original FS9 Scenery

Did you realize that the rock has been missing completely in FS9? 

That's really poor...

Rock of Gibraltar: "Gibraltar04" Freeware Scenery

And the only AddOn Scenery I could find didn’t come up to my expectations at all…

To me, both of the above pictures are a real good reason to try making it better – right?

Hold on. We're going to make it better during the next chapters. Click the 'Go Ahead' button.

If you don't want to re-invent the wheel, you can download very good, ready-made mesh files for the area in BGL format from RhumbaFlappy, and just go on with the "Set up your scenery" chapter.

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